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Wire feeder

Depending on the area of ​​application, we offer you various options for wire feeding.

We also offer you feed straightening units for feeding in the straightened wire to the downstream machine.

Our wire feed options:


For small wire diameters of up to 16 mm, the classic turntable without a drive is sufficient. According to customer requirements, the turntable can optionally be equipped with a disk brake.

Powered turntable

Homogeneous unwinding of the coil reduces wear on the press tools of the feed press. The powered turntable can be controlled via a mobile control panel.

Support arm reel

The support arm reel is particularly suitable for larger wire diameters between 14 and 30 mm. Optionally, this can be equipped with a straightening station and/or a band saw.

Feed straightening unit

The straightening unit is used to feed the straightened wire to the downstream machine, for example to the forming press.

Which feeder is suitable for which application?

The various wire feed options depend on the area of ​​application. For smaller wire diameters up to about 18 mm, turntables without a drive are sufficient, whereas for larger wire diameters, a turntable with a drive or a support arm reel is recommended.

Furthermore, the feed is dependent on individual customer requirements, such as continuous wire feed or pneumatic wire monitoring for safe wire run-off.


Do you have questions about our wire feed options?

Our contact persons are available for a personal conversation.